The Five Pillars of Islam in English with Pictures

The ‘Five Pillars’ of Islam are the establishment of Muslim life:

Confidence or faith in the Oneness of God and the conclusiveness of the prophethood of Muhammad;

Foundation of the day by day supplications;

Worry for and almsgiving to the poor;

Self-filtration through fasting; and

The journey to Makkah for the individuals who are capable.

Iman or Faith

“There is none deserving of love aside from God and Muhammad is the envoy of God.” This revelation of confidence is known as the Shahadah, a basic recipe that all the unwavering articulate. The importance of this presentation is the conviction that the main reason forever is to serve and obey God, and this is accomplished through the lessons and practices of the Last Prophet, Muhammad.

Salah or Prayer

Salah is the name for the required supplications that are performed five times each day, and are an immediate connection between the admirer and God. There is no various leveled specialist in Islam and there are no ministers. Petitions are driven by an educated individual who knows the Qur’an and is by and large picked by the assemblage.

Supplications are said at first light, noontime, late-evening, dusk and sunset, and in this way decide the mood of the whole day. These five endorsed supplications contain verses from the Qur’an, and are said in Arabic, the dialect of the Revelation. Individual supplications, notwithstanding, can be offered in one’s own dialect and whenever.

In spite of the fact that it is desirable over love together in a mosque, a Muslim may supplicate anyplace, for example, in fields, workplaces, industrial facilities and colleges. Regularly guests to the Muslim world are struck by the centrality of petitions in day by day life five pillars of islam

God is Great.

God is Great.

God is Great.

God is Great.

I affirm that there is none deserving of love aside from God.

I affirm that there is none deserving of love aside from God.

I affirm that Muhammad is the envoy of God.

I affirm that Muhammad is the envoy of God.

Come to petition!

Come to petition!

Come to progress!

Come to progress!

God is Great!

God is Great!

There is none deserving of love with the exception of God.


The monetary commitment upon Muslims.

A critical standard of Islam is that everything has a place with God, and that riches is consequently held by individuals in trust. The word zakah implies both “refinement” and “development.” Our belonging are cleaned by putting aside an extent for those in require and for the general public as a rule. Like the pruning of plants, this curtailing adjusts and empowers new development.

Every Muslim computes his or her own zakah independently. This includes the yearly installment of a fortieth of one’s capital, barring such things as main living place, auto and expert instruments.

An individual may likewise give as much as he or she satisfies as sadaqa-h, and does as such ideally in mystery. In spite of the fact that this word can be interpreted as “willful philanthropy” it has a more extensive significance.

The Prophet stated, “Notwithstanding meeting your sibling with a sprightly face is a demonstration of philanthropy.” The Prophet additionally stated: “Philanthropy is a need for each Muslim.” He was asked: “Imagine a scenario in which a man has nothing?” The Prophet answered: “He should work with his own hands for his advantage and afterward give something out of such income in philanthropy.” The Companions of the Prophet asked: “Consider the possibility that he can’t work?” The Prophet stated: “He should help poor people and penniless.” The Companions additionally asked: “Consider the possibility that he can’t do even that?” The Prophet stated: “He should encourage others to do great.” The Companions stated: “Imagine a scenario where he does not have that likewise?” The Prophet stated: “He should examine himself from doing fiendish. That is additionally a demonstration of philanthropy.”

Sawm or Fasting

Consistently in the period of Ramada-n, all Muslims quick from first light until nightfall – refraining from nourishment, drink, and sexual relations with their life partners.

The individuals who are wiped out, elderly, or on a voyage, and ladies who are discharging, pregnant or nursing, are allowed to split the quick and make up an equivalent number of days after the fact in the year in the event that they are sound and capable. Youngsters start to quick (and to watch supplications) from adolescence, albeit many begin prior.

In spite of the fact that fasting is advantageous to wellbeing, it is primarily a strategy for self-purging and patience. By cutting oneself from common solaces, notwithstanding for a brief timeframe, a fasting individual concentrates on his or her motivation in life by continually monitoring the nearness of God. God states in the Qur’an: “O you who accept! Fasting is endorsed for you as it was recommended to those before you that you may learn poise.” (Qur’an 2:183)

Hajj or Pilgrimage

The journey to Makkah (the hajj) is a commitment just for the individuals who are physically and fiscally ready to do as such. By and by, more than two million individuals go to Makkah every year from each side of the globe giving an extraordinary chance to those of various countries to meet each other.

The yearly hajj starts in the twelfth month of the Islamic year (which is lunar, not sun powered, with the goal that hajj and Ramada-n fall in some cases in summer, now and then in winter). Pioneers wear uncommon garments: straightforward pieces of clothing that strip away refinements of class and culture, with the goal that all stand measure up to before God.

The rituals of the hajj, which are of Abrahamic beginning, incorporate going around the Ka’bah seven times, and going seven times between the slopes of Safa and Marwa as did Hagar (Hajir, Abraham’s significant other) amid her scan for water. The pioneers later stand together on the wide fields of ‘Arafat (an extensive region of leave outside Makkah) and participate in supplication for God’s pardoning, in what is regularly thought as a review of the Day of Judgment.

The end of the hajj is set apart by a celebration, the ‘Id al Adha, which is praised with petitions and the trading of endowments in Muslim people group all over. This and the ‘Id al Fitr, a happy day praising the finish of Ramada-n, are the two occasions of the Islamic timetable.

WhatsApp: How the supermarket voucher scam works

Scammers have used WhatsApp to trick people into handing over personal information by tempting them with bogus supermarket vouchers. come with bbc

WhatsApp: How the supermarket voucher scam works


The messenger app was used to send fake vouchers to people, purporting to be from trusted chains such as Asda, Tesco and Aldi.

The messages claimed to offer hundreds of pounds in savings so long as the user followed a link to an online survey asking for personal details.

The scam is a form of phishing, where fraudsters pose as reputable organisations to gain personal details.
Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime, suggests anyone who has fallen victim to this scam to report it online or call 0300 123 2040.

So far, 33 people have come forward to report falling victim to the scam, although it is unclear how many people have received the message.

  • Fake WhatsApp fools Android users
  • ‘We lost £300,000 through payment scam’

How does it work?

We know mostly people use whatsapp to share their whatsapp status updates but a screenshot from WhatsApp showing the scam which reads ALDI is giving away £150 Free Voucher to celebrate 27th anniversary

This message was sent to the WhatsApp number used by the public to contact the BBC

The scam works by using a link which appears almost identical to a supermarket chain’s legitimate website, but with one small difference.

For example, in the screenshot above, the d in Aldi is actually a ḍ – a Latin character with a small dot underneath the recognisable letter.

People who clicked the links contained in the WhatsApp messages are sent to a survey.

According to Action Fraud, the survey urges victims to hand over their financial information.

If, however, a person tries to visit the homepages for Aldi misspelled with the dotted character it sends them to an error page from a website which is not the supermarket’s.

An error page pops up when the user tries to visit the fake Aldi homepage

This helps legitimise the scam, says Action Fraud, as rather than being sent from a random number, the WhatsApp message comes from a trusted contact.

However, it is unclear whether users may have been compromised simply by clicking on the link, as some on social media claimed that the message was shared without their contact’s consent.

A spokesperson for Action Fraud told the BBC, “from what we can see, you would have to put certain details in to be in trouble, but it would depend on the device as all the scams are different, and some can download malware on your device.”

Action Fraud advises people to avoid unsolicited links in messages, even if they appear to come from a trusted contact.

By Tom Gerken, UGC and Social News